Today 8th Of Aug 2018

Fantastic find in Europe today.

A large vase described as late 19th/20thc is in fact an exceptional Kangxi period vase with amazing Phoenix head handles. A most unusual vase in its form and decoration. Been a great day buying now time for a pint of Moretti lager 😉 as Venice awaits me tomorrow. Tough life this antique dealing lark!

Site seems to be running sooooo slow, traffic is going through the roof due to the constant updating. Bear with me, if it persists will move site to a dedicated server.

Lee Morgan wrote in and asked: Who cares if dealers are selling fakes? If people are stupid enough to buy then that is their problem.

Hi Lee, personally I am not that concerned as the more fakes online the better I can buy. The real pieces get buried under a sea of fakes, also the buyers tend not to bid as strong if they already have a few purchases under their belt.

On the other hand Lewis takes the fraudsters very seriously, he thinks they are scum and lower than dog shxt. To him they cant make it as real dealers so have to resort to fraud. A few years ago he was contacted by an elderly guy from a small town not too far from Shanghai to take a look at his collection of Chinese porcelain.


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