Chinese Antique Valuations Authentication Appraisals


Unfortunately I’m way too busy to offer valuations any more as a service, you can send me a pic if i like it i will reply….


Trying to get Chinese works of art & porcelain correctly appraised & valued unless the piece is blindingly obvious is near on impossible.

The 3 factors causing this situation in my opinion are as follow:

1) Too many good fakes around causing uncertainty.
2) Not enough knowledge around to deal with the uncertainties.
3) Too much money & reputation at stake.

It makes sense to get an accurate valuation for a number of reasons:

  • You want advice before you buy at auction
  • You want to sell your item at auction
  • Your insurance company requires an accurate valuation
  • For tax reasons
  • For inheritance
  • You just wish to know more about your items history etc…

Three Simple Steps

  • 1 Click the Buy It Now button below when ready
  • 2 Email Irv Graham some photographs of your antique HERE
  • 3 Within 48 hours your valuation certificate will be emailed to you

Note! Once payment has been made you will be automatically redirected to our contact page where you will be able to send me your photographs. Please ensure you email clear photographs of the piece to be valued along with any condition issues & provenance you may have regarding your piece.

Do you own a piece of Chinese porcelain or a Chinese work of art that you would like to know more about?

How old is it? Is it imperial? Where does it come from? How much are similar pieces fetching at auction?

Fact! At least 90% of Chinese porcelain & works of art on offer via online & offline auctions are fake!

How long does authentication take?

I ask for 48 hours but the majority of authentications take no more than an hour or two as most items I see are fairly obvious but I do sometimes see pieces that are potentially rare & unusual and will obviously require in-depth research resulting in more time, advice will be given on a case by case basis.

Will you tell me how much my piece is worth?

Yes: But first your piece needs to be authenticated before it can be appraised.

Do you authenticate all Chinese pottery & porcelain?

NO – Pottery from the earlier periods would be better suited to a TLC test

An expert has already told me my piece is a later copy! What do you advise?

Always get as many opinions as you can as no one really knows it all, an expert can be strong in Chinese works of art & weak in Chinese porcelain or vice versa.