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A Brief Discussion on Zitan and Qing Dynasty Furniture: Always Collected at Astronomical Prices

Qing Dynasty furniture, developed innovatively on the foundation of Song, Yuan, and Ming furniture, eventually formed a strongly representative national style and historical characteristic known as “Qing-style furniture.” The varieties …

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Why Invest in Rare Period Chinese Porcelain Shards? Rising Prices? | Better Than Books? | Resale Value? | Past Auction Prices?

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Rising Auction Prices and Record Sales

Period Chinese porcelain shards have emerged as highly sought-after collectibles and lucrative investments. Recent auction results underscore their increasing value and appeal. For instance:

  • A Dragon Shard sold at Bonhams in 2023 for £9,500.
  • Song Dynasty shards fetched $5,000 at Christie’s in 2015.
  • Ru shards reached an impressive $95,000 at Christie’s in 2023.
  • A Ming Dynasty Xuande fragment sold for 15 million yuan at Sotheby’s in 2012.
  • Another similar piece fetched 360,000 yuan in 2011.

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Dragon Shard Sold At Bonhams In 2023 For £9,500

These sales illustrate a growing trend of appreciating prices for these historical artifacts, highlighting their potential as a robust investment.

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