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£14 Million For An Antique Chinese Folding Chair

A 300 year-old chair has sold for £14 million, setting a new world record.

Experts say the fragile folding chair is one of only six chairs in existence, and should be considered a work of art in terms of its advanced design.

The rosewood horseshoe-back chair originated in China during the Ming Dynasty and was primarily used by a travelling dignitary.

The chair remained in the London home of Hong Kong businessman Sir Joseph Hotung until his death, at the age of 91.

It had an estimated start price of up to $1.72 million, but a private collector paid eight times that amount in a Sotheby’s bidding war in central London on Saturday.

One of the most exciting parts about being an auctioneer is watching bids fly in, as Sotheby’s Henry Howard-Sneyd put it.

Melica Khansari, a representative from Sotheby’s, said: “The folding horseshoe-back armchair is perhaps the most sought after of all Ming furnishings. This type of chair is thought to be the most notable and highest achievement of Chinese carpenters.”

Portable folding chairs are more likely to get damaged than other furniture because it’s easy for them to be folded, carried and stored.

This makes these type of chairs that have survived through time extremely rare.

These chairs would have been used exclusively by top officials, who would have sat on them during their travels.

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