$2.7 Million Warring States Bronze Fanghu Tops New Yorks Asia Week


An inlaid faceted Fanghu Created during Warring States period (4th-3rd century BCE) was the highest selling lot during the 2022 spring Asia Week. The fanghu measured 43cm high and was estimated at US $400,000 – 600,000.

Hammer Price: US$2,250,000

Sold with commission: US$2,760,000

The piece sold for more thank 5 times its low estimate. The four-sided vessel is set with loose rings suspending loose ring handles on opposite sides, and is decorated on each side with elaborate pictorial scenes with remains of inlaid stones.

This present archaic bronze jar is similar to ones found in the Palace Museum, Beijing and National Palace Museum, Taipei. They also depict scenes of feasting, fishing, hunting and fighting in various sections.

This present lot’s provenance can be traced back to when it was acquired by Kaikodo in New York before 1996.

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