2 Good 17th c R Horn Libation Cups Sell For $15,000 On Ebay USA

2 Good 17th c R Horn Libation Cups Sell For $15,000 On Ebay USA

I had these two genuine R horn libation cups in my watch list that ended on 19 Aug, 2019. There were only 8 bidders that generated 24 bids. The two cups had a starting bid of US $245.00. There were minor damages and associated wear, the cups looked 100% OK and were from the early Qing dynasty, probably Kangxi period.

This is the sellers original description:

I have been informed that it is likely that Chinese customs will not allow this material into their country due to their restrictions on animal and animal parts importation. Therefore, I WILL NOT MAIL THIS INTO CHINA, so if you are a potential buyer from China please have an alternative mailing address or I cannot complete the sale. I also appreciate the several persons who have asked me to place a BIN on this lot, and those who have made offers, BUT…to be fair to my potential customers, I am not accepting offers…and I am allowing the cups to run the full 7-day auction course, closing Sunday the 18th, at 9:00 Central Time. Thanks for your kind understanding.

It is my personal belief that these small individual libation cups are 18th or early 19th C artefacts, original to the period, well carved, lovely in color, design and finish. I offer them as a pair, though they are different in design and color. The largest dimension of the larger cup is 3 1/2″ across. The choice of subject, the ageing, the soft luster and patina suggest a long history. Both of them have small flaws accrued over the course of a couple hundred years, but none of these large or obvious, and none affecting the beauty of the two. (Please study the photos closely.) Note that the larger is a darker brown colouration, a “nutty” colour and translucence. The slightly smaller cup has more angular patterns seen in the leaves and formation of the stems. These were in the collection of an elderly woman who was a world traveller, but there is no personal record of when or where she purchased them. These are seductive. Check out my other items.

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