$3500 For A Lump Of Plastic On Ebay


Just watched this sell on ebay – $3500 for a piece of modern plastic, when will the madness stop? Day in day out is see high prices being paid online and off line for modern/fake pieces. The UK auction houses are filled with modern items described as old, the fraud has now taken a new twist with good quality fakes being deliberately damaged and stapled then consigned by a respected lord of the manner or some upper class toff claiming the piece has been in his family’s estate for years or planting the piece in a prominent place in the house and then calling an unsuspecting auctioneer out to look at a piece of furniture or whatever – you know what I mean you know the rest, whichever way the con is set up the toff usually gets 40% of the proceeds.

plastic-cinnabar plastic-cinnabar1