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£66 Million? Sorry I Just Can Not See It – Museum Damaged Chinese Porcelain

Taiwan’s National Palace Museum Acknowledges Damage to Ming and Qing Artefacts Valued at £66m

Taiwan’s National Palace Museum has admitted to the breakage of three valuable artefacts from the Ming and Qing dynasties, which were worth around £66m ($77m). The damages were only recently revealed, with the items having been broken in three separate incidents over the past year and a half. The artefacts include a bowl, a teacup, and a plate, dating back to the 15th and 17th centuries. The museum was unable to determine who was responsible for two of the breakages but discovered that one was caused by negligent handling. Disciplinary action is being taken.

Taiwan opposition legislator, Chen I-shin, accused the museum’s director, Wu Mi-cha, of covering up the breakages and instructing staff to keep all paperwork classified. However, the museum denied the allegations and said that it was investigating the incidents. The artefacts were only classified as “general antiquities” and were not formally announced to the public or the culture ministry.

Comment By Irv: I have looked at the items they say were damaged and do not see a value anything like £66 million, not even £1 million, not even half a million, rabbit of somewhere???

The national palace museum holds the world’s largest collection of Chinese artefacts and has been the subject of controversy since the Chinese Civil War. Many nationalist social media users in China accused Taiwan authorities of destroying Chinese culture, with some linking the incident to China’s claim that Taiwan is a Chinese province. The museum stated that it would improve storage practices for the artefacts, which are uninsured, and had been moved across China several times in the past to protect them during wars.

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