A 19thc Blue And White 100 Butterfly Meiping

A 19thc Blue And White 100 Butterfly Meiping

Description: A good blue and white Meiping finely painted with butterfly’s of various styles and sizes, the base with a Kangxi four character mark.

The word for butterfly in Chinese, 蝶 die, is homophonous with the word 疊 die, meaning to repeat, butterflies are often included in Qing dynasty decoration in order to suggest duplication of an auspicious wish. They also express a wish for longevity. In addition, butterflies are seen as symbols of happiness in marriage, as well as everlasting romantic love. In Daoism, butterflies are associated with dream-like reflection and the freedom of the soul.

Age: 19thc

Size: Approx 24 cm tall.

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A 19thc Blue And White 100 Butterfly Meiping

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