A Jue Is A Chinese Ritual Bronze Tripod Vessel

A Jue Is A Chinese Ritual Bronze Tripod Vessel

The Jue is a wine vessel with a body of narrow elliptical or circular section. It has a large open spout for pouring, and opposite this a flattened and extended lip; there is a loop handle on the side of the body. The vessel stands on three legs of triangular section, that spread a little.

At the root of the spout are two short capped columns, one on each side. If the vessel bears an inscription, this generally appears on the body under the loop of the handle. The flattened elliptical type is the more primitive form, and for the most part pre-dates the finds at Anyang, and is perhaps datable to a period before 1350 B.C.

The type as a whole was no longer made after the end of the Early Zhou, and it is possible that most of the surviving examples are of Shang date.

The decoration may be sparing or extremely lavish, and flanges sometimes extend up the spout and on the extended rear lip.

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