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Baijiu Auction – Sotheby’s Launch First UK Baijiu Auction

Baijiu Auction - Sotheby's Launch First UK Baijiu Auction

Anybody with a passing interest in baijiu will be aware of the value of Kweichow Moutai. Considered by many to be the finest baijiu of all (we’re inclined to disagree, but that’s another story), this brand is famously expensive. It’s also highly collectable, often selling for eye-watering sums at auction.

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June 2nd saw bidding open on a crate of 24 bottles of Sunflower 1974, another jewel in the Kweichow Moutai crown, at Sotheby’s in London. The lot is estimated to raise up to £45,000. Anything can happen at auction, though, especially as these bottles remain housed in their original crate.

While baijiu auctions are common in China, this marks the first time that such a sale has launched in the UK. It’s also not the only Asian spirit to feature. 32 bottles of Karuizawa Cask #5267 1960, a Japanese whiskey that raised £363,000 for a single bottle in 2020, is also featured.

Closer to home, domestic whiskey enthusiasts can admire two bottles of Scotch distilled at the Bowmore Distillery of the Inner Hebrides in 1966. Bottled in 1984, the Bowmore Samaroli Bouquet previously raised £72,600 at auction in 2019. Sotheby’s will naturally be hoping to improve on this record.

True big spenders can consider a 78-year-old whiskey from the Macallan Red Collection, believed to be the oldest whiskey from this distillery in circulation. Sotheby’s have valued this bottle at a minimum of £60,000, though hope to receive as much as £90,000.

The lot is unlikely to match the price achieved by a 1967 vintage from the Anecdotes of Ages Collection, also distilled by Macallan. A bottle of this whiskey sold for over £300,000 in NYC earlier in 2021. All the same, it’s likely to be reserved for a special occasion by whoever is lucky enough to secure the prize.

If you feel that your credit card can take the strain and wish to investigate the auction – which contains 75 lots in total – head to the Sotheby’s website. Bidding remains open until June 18th. It may not be the cheapest online shopping experience, but if the Sunflower 1974 follows traditional baijiu valuation trends, it will only increase in value over the years.

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