Quick News 11th Of Sep 2018

Palace Museum to exhibit more collections in 2019

Palace Museum to exhibit more collections in 2019

The Palace Museum is expected to exhibit more than 8 percent of its 1.86 million collections by the end of 2019, a move its curator said would convince more people to protect cultural relics.

Source: www.ecns.cn/news/culture/2018-09-11/detail-ifyxtvir0549085.shtml

Chipped fruit bowl which cost £3 turns out to be Chinese antique worth £100,000

Chipped fruit bowl which cost £3 turns out to be Chinese antique worth £100,000

A CHIPPED fruit bowl which cost just £3 but turned out to be a rare Chinese antique has sold for £100,000.

Source: www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1015538/chinese-antique-yongzheng-hansons-auctioneers

Empresses have their day in the sun

In 1903, when Chinese Empress Dowager Cixi, the most powerful woman in China at the time, asked an American artist to paint a portrait for her and sent it to the US as a gift, she probably never dreamed that the work would go on to serve as a symbol of US-China cultural diplomacy for decades to come.

Source: usa.chinadaily.com.cn/a/201809/10/WS5b968629a31033b4f46553fa.html

Peter Combs – Chinese Antique Dealer – Boston Massachusetts


Peter Combs does a great weekly V-log on YouTube covering up and coming eBay Chinese antique lots. He presents very well and is very articulate. He is based in US and sells on eBay now and then. I have subscribed to his YouTube channel and I suggest you do the same. He is good to watch with well put together professional videos. He talks about fakes, online and off auctions, good sellers and bad sellers and many other topic Chinese antique related. He highlights items he feels are worth bidding on and items that he feels should be avoided. Overall well worth subscribing to his channel, I guarantee you will enjoy his weekly uploads. Subscribe Here

Unusual Moon Flask Sells For $87,840

Sotheby’s Melbourne Lot Description: Resembling aloeswood, the overall surface with naturalistic swirls and gnarled indentations, with slender branch like handles joining the garlic mouth to the sloping shoulders, supported on a short splayed foot, the base inlaid in silver wire with an apocryphal four-character seal mark Qianlong Yu Jian, fitted wood stand

(2) 36.5 cm high

Compare with a similar wood moon flask illustrated in The Collection of Stands in the Palace Museum, Part V, Catalogue p. 33.

Lot Sold $72,000 (Hammer Price) $87,840 (Hammer Price with Buyer’s Premium)

The moon flask, catalogued as Qing dynasty (1644-1912), is 37cm high and carved from a timber “resembling aloeswood” – regarded as sacred in some Asian cultures. The base is inlaid in silver wire with what the catalogue says is an apocryphal mark for the Qianlong Emperor in the 18th century. With no provenance given, the item was estimated at $7000 to $9000.

Antique Chinese Porcelain – Hand Painted Oriental Chickens Vase – Unusual!

Dr Wang

Trash Or Treasure?

Ends Today: Ebay UK 12th July 2018

Ebay Description: Lovely hand painted chicken and wisteria decorated cylinder vase. Produced in the early 20th Century in China. Not marked but guaranteed to be an early and original piece (base photographed). The vase has a drill hole to the side where it has been converted into a lamp (can be seen in photographs). Otherwise, it is in very good condition with no other chips, cracks or restoration. It measures approximately 11″ in height. SOLD

French Attic Vase Fetches €16.2 Million

Irv Graham

An 18th Century Chinese vase, left for decades in a shoebox in France, has sold for 16.2m euros (£14.2m). The vase formed part of a family inheritance and was recently discovered in an attic.

While Qianlong vases appear relatively regularly at auction, the combination of form and, particularly, decoration made this example especially rare – the only known example of its kind according to the auctioneers. The vase was in perfect condition.

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