Baijiu Chinese Liquor History

Baijiu Chinese Liquor History
Baijiu Chinese Liquor History

Historically alcohol has been attributed to the advancement of human culture, fueling the development of art, religion, politics, philosophy and language. Alcohol is one of the most controversial by-products of civilisation; it is one of the most universally produced substances throughout history and China, not unlike the rest of the world, has been influenced and shaped by the liquid.

China and its people have been brewing and distilling alcohol for thousands of years.

In fact, it has been revealed that China were making a type of wine from materials such as rice, honey and fruit over nine thousand years ago. Evidence of the drink was found in Jiahu during an archaeological dig and as a result, the drink is now regarded as the world’s oldest known alcoholic beverage.

China’s national liquor is called Baijiu, a clear, potent, spirit, with a typical percentage of 40 to 60 percent, which is distilled from fermented grain (See: How Is Baijiu Made), usually sorghum. (See: Baijiu Ingredients) It originates from the Ming Dynasty, making it a culturally and historically important alcoholic incarnation.

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Baijiu Brands – Popular & Best Chinese Baijiu Liquor Brands

Baijiu: Best Selling Chinese Baijiu Brands In The World
Baijiu is arguably the most popular beverage in the world that you have never tasted. The drink remains a rare and acquired taste outside of its native China, where it’s a cultural ever-present. Enjoyed by the young, old, wealthy and humble alike, baijiu is an essential element of Chinese culture.

If you’re looking to expand the horizons of your palate, baijiu can be a great new taste sensation. How do you know where to start, however, with so many brands available in the East? Let’s take a look at ten popular variations of baijiu, all of which are worth adding to your own personal bar. Just be prepared to hunt high and low – baijiu remains elusive on the shelves of most western liquor stores. Baijiu for sale online.

Below are ten of the best baijiu brands in the world. The baijiu brands below were chosen based on their brand awareness and overall popularity and are not listed in any particular order.

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Baijiu History & Mythology

In Chinese Mythological history, the creation of Baijiu is most often credited as coming from either Yi Di or Du Kang. Yi Di, 仪狄 was apparently either the wife, or daughter of the Xia Dynasty’s founding ruler, king Yu. King Yu was one of the great sage kings of Chinese history who had the power to control water According to historical accounts, Yi Di successfully attempted to make wine out of rice.

She presented her concoction to the King and despite enjoying the beverage immediately banned its consumption fearing that a future king would become and alcoholic and lose the throne. After the king’s death, his son Qi 啓 became king and lifted the ban on the alcohols production and consumption. From there Baijiu became used in ceremonial offerings to gods and deceased ancestors. These rituals can be still be witnessed today, particularly during the annual Tomb Sweeping festival where family members leave offerings of food and alcohol to their deceased.

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