Buyer Beware – Ending USA eBay

  • The below dish is ending today, its a great example of how the fakers are becoming more cunning. Look at the labels and you will notice the Christie’s one does not give the date year or sale number like it should so its impossible to check against their database, next the Chait Gallery label has been lifted from another piece and the center of the label is torn away.
  • The spelling of of Yongzheng is not Yung Cheng, this version of the spelling you find in old books and old catalogue descriptions.
  • The Yongzheng mark on the reverse has been flagged in our database as being by the hand of a know forger.
  • The colour of the dish is not lemon yellow as described.
  • The engraving of the dish is very crude.

Stay away from this piece it is FAKE

SOLD FOR £11,418

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