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Cheng International – Fenjiu Baijiu Launches UK Master Class

Specialist premium Baijiu importer and distributor, Cheng International, is launching a four-part online masterclass in the UK, starting on July 13.

The course, to be held on Zoom, will be aimed at key players in the UK drinks trade. Qiqi Chen, Managing Director of leading exporter Cheng International, said it wanted to offer these events to “encourage people to learn about Baijiu and understand how baijiu it is made”. The world’s largest selling liquor has a deep history in Chinese culture that will also be examined.

Each masterclass will demonstrate how Baijiu can really enhance the range of specialised retailers selling premium spirits. There will also be baijiu food pairing and baijiu cocktail making demonstrations.

Part one will feature an introduction to Baijiu and is free of charge for up to 100 people. Parts 2 and 3 will focus on different styles and aromas of Baijiu and will include a tutored tasting session.

To experience these two sessions to their maximum, samples are available for purchase so that you can fully interact. You can order 3 x 20ml samples for £25, or 5 x 20ml samples for £35 from chengintl.co.uk. For every order of samples, Cheng International will donate £5 to The Drinks Trust.

The final class on August 3 discusses how to serve baijiu at the table, matched with food and in cocktails and is also free. The event will be held each Monday, at 3pm UK, from July 13 until August 3.

In addition to the four-part series Cheng International will be running four Baijiu lifestyle sessions for consumers on each Saturday between July 18th and 8th August at 3pm.

Presented by Enrico Gonzato of the Mezzanine Bar at The Stratford Hotel, the sessions will feature sumptuous Baijiu cocktails and demonstrations on Baijiu Truffle making.

To reserve your place at any of these baijiu masterclasses, visit chengintl.co.uk

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