Chinese Antique Glossary – B


Literal translation: ‘little white bricks’. The name derives from the form in which pulverised China Stone was delivered to the kilns at Jingdezhen, for use in making porcelain.


1) The body material of fired ceramics.
2) Ceramic body that has been fired without glaze. Some ceramics are fired entirely without glaze. Some ceramics have areas of their form which are free of glaze, while other areas are glazed. Such biscuit pieces/areas may be left unglazed, or they may be covered with a lower-firing glaze or enamel and fired for a second time.


See Dehua.


Sentient being who has accumulated sufficient merit and virtue to achieve nirvana, but remains on earth to help others attain salvation. Bodhisattvas are models of virtue and strength and act as divine intercessors between the supreme Buddha and the lesser beings on earth.

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