Chinese Antique Glossary – M

Ming Dynasty

1368-1644 and comprising:

Hongwu, 1368-1398
Jianwen, 1399-1402
Yongle, 1403-1425
Hongxi, 1425
Xuande, 1426-1435
Zhengtong, 1436-1449
Jingtai, 1450-1456
Tianshun, 1457-1464
Chenghua, 1465-1487
Hongzhi, 1488-1505
Zhengde, 1506-1521
Jiajing, 1522-1566
Longqing, 1567-1572
Wanli, 1573-1619
Taichang, 1620
Tianqi, 1621-1627
Chongzhen, 1628-1644


Literal translation: ‘items for the next world’. In ancient China mingqi were items made to accompany the deceased in burial. In modern times they are usually paper items burned as part of the funerary rituals.

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