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Chinese emperor’s vase for auction at Sheppard’s

THE eyes of the auction world will once again turn to Sheppard’s Auction House in Durrow when a final lot from the famous Carlow collection goes on sale.

Two years ago, the sale of an inauspicious looking vase belonging to a Carlow family for €110,000 drew column inches across the globe. Now, a final vase from the family collection will go on sale on 29 November.

The lot is a similar vase to the piece which sold for the staggering sum and it’s thought this vase could make as much as €200,000.

“We’ve had a lot of international enquiries already from the UK, China and the USA,” said Philip Sheppard.

The 18th century piece was made during the reign of emperor Qianlong.

“It was part of the emperor’s personal collection. It came from the Forbidden City,” said Mr Sheppard.

The vase, along with the previously sold items, came into the possession of the Carlow family from aunts who lived in Philadelphia. How they came to America is still a mystery, but Mr Sheppard said that the Carlow collection could, possibly, have been ‘war booty’ taken by American soldiers during the Boxer Revolution at the turn of the 20th century.

The vase will be sold as part of 200 other Asian lots on 29 November at the Durrow auction house.

Items of Laois interest during the three-day auction include a map produced by parliament in 1850 of the bogs in Queen’s County.

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