Chinese vase valued at £30 sells for £40,000 in UK auction

The three-inch tall blue and white vase bearing a Yongzheng six charachter mark has sold for 40,000 pounds at an auction in Melton Mowbray.

The vase carried an estimate of 30 to 40 pounds as it was cracked and chipped & was part of a tray lot.

Senior auctioneer Simon Shouler said: “The vase was on a small tray of Chinese porcelain and much of it was cracked and chipped.

“I like Chinese blue and white porcelain but this was the most unremarkable piece on the tray.

“It was estimated at £30 to £40 but we could not believe it when the bidding went up to £40,000.

“It was fought out between two bidders in the room, with internet bidders going berserk in the background.

“One of the big auction houses did the same thing as us recently with a little Chinese vase which made £35,000 after being valued much lower.

To me it looked quite new when we first saw the vase, but that is always the case with porcelain because it doesn’t age. It all shows three things.

“The power of internet advertising, that auctioneers can get the best price even if they don’t know everything and that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

The vase was eventually snapped up by an English bidder who has not been named.

Comment by Irv

Look at the comparison pics below, the chipped and cracked vase that fetched 40 thousand and two authentic pieces sold by Christies. Its pretty obvious what I think anyway let the pics do the talking…

Senior auctioneer Simon Shouler said: “To me it looked QUITE NEW when we first saw the vase, but that is always the case with porcelain because it doesn’t age.”

40 thousand chipped and cracked.
Sold by Christies in 2012 for 90 thousand.
Sold by Christie’s also in 2012 but this time for 34 thousand.

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