Copper Red Decorated Ewer – The Percival David Collection

Description: Decorated in underglaze copper red with classical scrolls round the foot, formalized lotus panels round the bottom of the body, with floral scrolls round the main field & bands of classical scrolls, key fret & vertically poised plantain leaves round the neck; the spout, which is tied to the neck by a decorative red & white bar, is painted with lappets & formalized flower sprays. The fluted handle is decorated outside with key fret & flower sprays & on the inner side with classic scrolls. The glazed base has grit adhering to the inside edge of the foot-ring. The join mark is clearly visible. Firing cracks at the join between the base and foot ring as well as on one small crack on the body (in the floral band).

Height: 32.5 cm

Century: 14th century

Dynasty: Ming