Ebay USA – Chinese Bronze Vase Sells For $72,000

Ebay USA - Chinese Bronze Vase Sells For $72,000

16th September 2019. A large gold inlaid Chinese bronze hu vase sells for $72,000 on Ebay USA. The vase had 92 bids with 20 bidders.

Ebay USA - Chinese Bronze Vase Sells For $72,000

Sellers original description: This is a very large antique Chinese bronze Hu wine vessel. It was found with this very nice and very old wooden stand. It fits perfectly on the stand. However, I don’t know if these 2 pieces started out together or the stand was made later to fit vessel. The measurements of the vessel not including the base are 18 1/4″ high x approx. 12 1/2″ wide at it’s widest point. The opening is 10″ x 6 5/8″. The vessel has markings on the inside near the opening. Please see my close-up photo of this mark. The handsome vessel has inlay and what look to be dragon handles. The vessel is in good condition but it appears to have some repairs at the bottom, where the foot connects to the body of the vessel. This repair goes around the circumference at that area with other small patches here and the at the bottom of the body. There are some pinholes near this area as well. The bottom has an oval inventory label with the number 3974. The bottom is also marked twice in red with the same number. This vessel is from an old estate of many old Chinese pieces. A striking, large antique piece. High bid pays postage.

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