Ed Cox knocks over $70K vase at art preservation event

“An event with Timothy Cardinal Dolan to preserve the art of St. Patrick’s Cathedral came to a crashing end Thursday when … Republican state chairman Ed Cox [and Nixon son-in-law] accidentally knocked over a valuable antique vase, smashing it to pieces….

“A witness reports, ‘the peace was shattered when Ed Cox accidentally knocked over a 4-foot-tall antique vase in the center of the room. It fell to the floor and shattered with a terrible, piercing, sound which stopped the entire room. … Ed nervously tried to edge away from the wreckage while the event staff looked mortified. One exclaimed, “Oh my God, that was a $70,000 vase!”’A BofA spokesman … jokingly said, ‘With regards to the vase, the breakfast was a smashing success.’”