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Freeman’s Asian Arts Auction – April 18, 2023

Freeman’s Asian Arts auction is showcasing a remarkable collection of elegant works with floral themes. The auction will take place on April 18, 2023, and is led by a pair of Imperial Chinese “Balsam Pear” bowls with Jiaqing mark and period, as well as a pair of Imperial yellow-glazed porcelain bowls with Kangxi mark and period. The auction features nearly 300 lots of fine porcelain, art, artifacts, and decorative objects from all over Asia.

Among the exquisite pieces on offer is a massive Chinese porcelain charger decorated with peony and plum blossoms, a rare pair of 17th/early 18th-century Chinese cloisonné vases adorned with auspicious symbols, birds, and flowers, and a large Vietnamese bronze drum from the collection of James Brow and Anh Hoang Brow. Also on offer is a fine Gandharan schist figure of a seated Buddha from the collection of Ambassador David Morgan Bane, a pair of six-panel gold-ground folding “Tigers” screens by Japanese artist Okoku Konoshima, and a selection of Buddhist and Daoist sculpture.

The auction includes a diverse selection of 17th- to early 19th-century blue and white and polychrome Chinese export porcelain, including an unusual collection of “clobbered” export porcelain wares rarely seen in the United States. With carefully selected pieces, this auction provides unique opportunities for collectors and designers alike. It is a fantastic chance to acquire rare and exquisite pieces from across Asia.

Freemans Auction

Chinese Antique Valuations And Appraisals

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