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Imperial Ming Jar Stolen From Museum

A rare porcelain wine jar, a masterpiece from the Chinese imperial workshops dating back to the 16th century (Ming Dynasty), has been stolen from the Royal Museum of Mariemont in Belgium’s Hainaut province.

The theft occurred overnight, with three individuals breaking into the museum around 4 a.m. (2 a.m. GMT) and making off with the priceless artifact. Museum authorities activated all security protocols, including alarms and surveillance cameras, which captured images of the thieves.

“They seemed well-prepared and knew exactly where to enter, where to exit, and which object was displayed in which room,” said museum director Richard Veymiers, as reported by RTBF.

The wine jar, adorned with an aquatic motif, was originally acquired by Belgian industrialist Raoul Warocque during a diplomatic mission to China in 1912.

An investigation is now underway by local and federal authorities to recover the stolen jar and apprehend those responsible. Despite the theft, the museum remained open to the public, although the affected East Asian room has been temporarily closed.

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