Is The Game UP? Market Crashing?

crashJohn Nicholson’s sale last week was very sombre, low prices and not much selling. Christie’s Asian art sale today was a shocker, the whole sale only netted £2 million.

Looks like the party may be over, thank god! A lot of underhanded auction houses certainly made a lot of money and in the process have brought the market to its knees.

We will have to see how Bonhams & Sothebys play out this week to get an overall picture. Personally I hope the market is slowing as it will shake a lot of gamblers & fraudsters out of the market and close a good few auction houses around the country that are heavily into the bank (Building  loans) on the back of their fake chinese antique sales figures.  Glad I kept my head…

p.s. Do not worry too much – The good stuff will always sell 😉

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