Jades & Hardstones

Description: A jade Elephant, standing four-square, wearing a saddle cloth carved in low relief with a taijitu flanked by two floral sprigs, the stone of a pale celadon tone with apple-green patches.

Source: https://www.tigerantiques.com/buy-chinese-antiques/jade-elephant/

Description: A hard-stone seal of square section, surmounted by a single-horned mythical beast standing foursquare with its head facing forward, its tail raised and bent forward, the smoothly polished stone of a soft blue tone with the brown portion skillfully utilised.

Source: https://www.tigerantiques.com/buy-chinese-antiques/a-hardstone-seal/

Description: A jade Bixie, the recumbent one-horned beast carved in the round, its head turned slightly sideward resting on its tucked front paws, the stone of an even, pale celadon colour with a few calcified areas.

Source: https://www.tigerantiques.com/buy-chinese-antiques/a-jade-bixie/