Longquan Ware Vase – The Percival David Collection

Description: Longquan Ware Vase Of pale greyish stoneware in the form of an archaic ritual bronze ‘gu’, with wide spreading base section, an enlarged cylindrical body section and a long expanding neck with the trumpet mouth slightly everted at the rim; the foot ring is a little inclined & chamfered on the inside. The base & body sections are each ornamented with relief elements resembling the jutting flange projections on the ancient bronze form. At the base of the neck are 2 shallow horizontal grooves above which, rise 4 leaf shaped blades in relief in line with the relief ornament on the lower parts. The glaze is a smooth unctuous green. Where the glaze runs thin the body shows a pale grey, where exposed at the foot ring it has burnt brown.

Height: 20.5 cm

Century: 13th century

Dynasty: Southern Song

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