Longquan Ware Vase – The Percival David Collection

Description: Octagonal porcelain vase of ‘meiping’ form, with slightly narrowing neck, wide shoulders that curve down to a spreading base. On each of the eight faces are three panels of moulded decoration. In the upper panel on each facet is a chrysanthemum spray, in the centre panel either a sage with a cloud scroll background, or a three flowered chrysanthemum spray; these occur alternately round the body. In the lower panel in each case the chrysanthemum spray is repeated. The centre panel on each facet is reserved in unglazed biscuit of bright rust colour against the semi-opaque greyish green glaze.

The foot ring is octagonal, and straight on the outside and inclined on the inside to the concave base. The base is glazed and the unglazed foot-rim has burnt a reddish colour. Firing crack on foot-rim. The panels were at some time gilt, traces of gold still being visible on some of the panels. On the foot ring there is one place where the body has broken and the fabric shows dirty white with some black specks.

Height: 24.3 cm

Century: 14th century

Dynasty: Yuan

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