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Man Buys Golden Turtle for Antique Collection, Discovers it’s a National Treasure Worth Millions

In a fascinating tale of antique hunting, Lao Chen, a middle-aged model teacher with a passion for antiques, made a discovery that he would never forget. Lao Chen had been scrolling through his mobile phone one day when he came across a post from a student that piqued his interest. The post featured a golden tortoise in the student’s antique collection, which the student offered to sell. However, Lao Chen found it strange that a fellow antique collector would be willing to part with such a prized possession.

Despite his reservations, Lao Chen reached out to the student and ended up buying the golden tortoise for 50,000 yuan. However, his curiosity got the best of him, and he decided to have the tortoise appraised. Lao Chen brought the golden tortoise to his hometown and asked his cousin to appraise it. To Lao Chen’s delight, the cousin confirmed that the golden tortoise was a very precious item.

Soon after, Lao Chen received an incredible offer of 3 billion yuan for the golden tortoise. However, this offer raised suspicion in Lao Chen’s mind, as he knew that no item in his collection could be worth such an exorbitant amount. To get to the bottom of the issue, Lao Chen decided to take the golden tortoise to a treasure appraisal program. There, experts discovered that the tortoise was a national treasure from the Western Han Dynasty, with an estimated value of more than 30 million yuan.

The tortoise was beautifully carved, with ornate patterns covering its surface. The experts were amazed by the historical value of the turtle and confirmed that it was indeed a priceless treasure. This news was a shock to Lao Chen, as he had never imagined that the golden tortoise he had purchased would be worth so much.

However, this discovery led to a police investigation. Such cultural relics are often stolen or sold illegally, leading to criminal convictions for the buyers. In this case, the golden tortoise had been sold by a student who had other collections identified as fakes, leading him to part with the golden tortoise. The police would investigate the source of the cultural relics to find the culprits behind the illegal sale of these priceless treasures.

Lao Chen’s story is a reminder that the world of antiques can hold many surprises, and one must be careful when purchasing such items. While Lao Chen had the best intentions, he unwittingly became embroiled in an illegal trade of national treasures.

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