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Ming Dynasty Masterpiece? Rare Xuande Vase Fetches £43,000 at Auction

This 19cm-tall vase might be a rare find from the Ming dynasty’s Xuande era (1426-35), known for its exquisite cloisonné enamel craftsmanship.

Typically, these vases are similar in size, mimic the ancient zun shape from the Shang and Western Zhou dynasties, and feature peony and lotus motifs. They are distinguished by their solid bronze construction, vibrant colors, and precise wirework.

The most famous example resides in Beijing’s Palace Museum, attributed to the Xuande period and the Yuyongjian workshop, which supplied the imperial household. Other notable sales include a £210,000 piece at Christie’s London in May 2010 and a $300,000 vase at Christie’s New York in September 2021.

The vase shown pictured was believed by some to be from the Xuande period and possibly imperial and was auctioned at Hannam’s in Selborne, Hampshire, on February 27. With no provenance listed and an initial estimate of £800-1200, it sparked a bidding war, ultimately selling for £43,000, indicating confidence in its historical significance.

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