Old Man Calls Police After Son Breaks His Prized Antique

Old Man Calls Police After Son Breaks His Prized Antique

Old man Li, like his father before him had a keen interest in collecting Chinese antiques.

Old man Li had spent most of his retirement money on antiques over the years, he liked to look at them on occasions as they reminded him of certain times in his life.

Old man Li lived in the countryside and had lost his wife a few years earlier. Old man Li received a phone call early one morning from his son, his son told his father he was coming to visit him with his daughter-in-law, so old man Li went to buy groceries. Upon his return his son and daughter-in-law were already at his home.

He was happy to see his son and daughter-in-law and went into the kitchen to cook them some food, whilst in the kitchen he heard a loud crash, running into the living room he saw his prized antique tortoise broken into pieces on the floor, his son apologized for breaking the piece.

After seeing the piece on the floor old man Li called the police as he could see the piece was fake, old man Li had bought the piece several years ago from a friend for tens of thousands, but the broken piece showed it had been constructed using modern cement.

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