Asian Antiques Appraisals And Valuations

Online Chinese Antique Appraisal Service

Irv Graham’s Chinese Antique Valuation Service

Discover the expertise and precision of Irv Graham’s online appraisal service for Chinese, Japanese, and Asian antiques.

Benefits of Irv Graham’s Valuation & Appraisal

  • Speed: Get your valuation within 24 to 48 hours for quick decisions.
  • Expertise: Benefit from 30 years of experience in valuing Chinese and Japanese antiques.
  • Convenience: Access the online valuation process from the comfort of your home.
  • Accuracy: Receive precise valuations ensuring a clear understanding of your item’s worth.

Irv Graham’s Appraisal Process

  1. Submit Your Item: Provide images and relevant information about your Chinese or Japanese antique.
  2. Assessment: Irv Graham assesses your piece considering its condition, rarity, and market trends.
  3. Valuation Report: Receive a detailed valuation within 24 to 48 hours, ideal for insurance or resale.

FAQs – Chinese Antique Appraisals

  1. How long does authentication take?
    Authentication typically takes 48 hours, though some items may require more time for rare pieces.
  2. Will you tell me how much my piece is worth?
    Yes, after an appraisal, you’ll receive a detailed valuation report.
  3. What if an expert has already told me my piece is a later copy?
    It’s advisable to seek multiple opinions, as expertise can vary across specialists.

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Ensure accurate appraisals of your Asian antiques and works of art with Irv Graham’s expert service.

Do you possess a piece of Chinese porcelain or a Chinese work of art that you’d like to know more about? For reliable valuation and appraisal start your valuation now

Chinese Antique Valuations And Appraisals

Do you own a piece of Chinese porcelain or an oriental work of art that you would like to know more about, such as age, history and value?

Then you should really consider using our Chinese Antique Valuation Service as the last thing you want to do is risk under selling the piece due to lack of knowledge or ill gotten advice.