Pair Of Doucai Dragon Jars Sell For US $88,888.88 On Ebay USA

The story goes a woman bought these jars a few years back at an antiques fair in Champlain Valley.

She brought the pair of Doucai dragon jars to Global Garage Sales in Colchester to be sold online. Peter Becker and Erik Holcomb, co-founders of Global Garage Sales, posted the jars on Ebay for a seven day auction.

Pair Of Doucai Dragon Jars Sell For US $88,888.88 On Ebay USA

Feb 05, 2020 . A pair of doucai dragon jars sell for US $88,888.88 on Ebay USA. The jars had 100 bids with 19 bidders.

Pair Of Doucai Dragon Jars Sell For US $88,888.88 On Ebay USA

Sellers original description:

This listing is for a pair of RARE Antique Chinese Qianlong Ducai Dragon Jars with Lids. These antique jars feature blue underglaze and have the six-character mark of the Qianlong imperial palaces. The pair features two dragons flying through the sky on either side of each vase amongst red and orange cloud wisps. One dragon is purple with a yellow head, and the other yellow with a purple head. Each jar measures about 8.25″ tall, 7″ wide and comes with a 1.25″ x 3.25″ wide lid. They are in excellent condition, with minor crazing and scratching. The is some minor discoloration, mostly near the top rim on both jars, common with the doucai glazing process. Please scroll down in the description field to see the two short videos and all 37 detailed photos, and contact us with any questions before bidding. The first few photos show the pair, then there is a video and multiple photos of each individual jar. We have a low opening bid price, so don’t miss your chance to add these rare pieces to your collection!

My opinion: Ye Ye always with those negative vibes – The jars will most likely not be paid for. Would be nice for the vendor if they did. Looking at close ups of the jars, they seem to have been dipped in acid in an attempt to dull the enamels down. I dont like them at all. The jar below is from Sotheby’s – You decide….

Qianlong Doucai Jar

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