Qianlong Canton Boxes Sell For £52,000 In Edinburgh

pair-canton-qianlong-boxesRemember we talked about these boxes yesterday HERE

I made a horrendous mistake today, I really wanted to have a go at this lot and was all set to bid for them online using the live auction service but was blocked from bidding at a certain amount by the live bidding service, i have since just found after calling Lyon & Turnbulls that there is a set limit of £30,000 for online bidders unless you make prior arrangements with the sale room. No doubt we will see this wonderful pair of boxes resurface next year in Christie’s or Sotheby’s.

My Blocked Bids
My Blocked Bids


The Qianlong alms bowl went unsold so i was not alone in my suspicions that the piece was not period. I reckon half the sale went unsold due to high reserves and repro items, however the Jiaqing vase did sell for £34,000 & a large carved Rinho horn did sell for £54,000. Images HERE

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