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Qianlong Vase Bought For £1 Sells For £484,000

Qianlong Vase Bought For £1 Sells For £484,000

A very fortunate man bought a vase from a charity shop in England for one pound sterling, because he thought it was attractive. He then decided to put the vase on e-bay. It aroused so much interest he decided to take it off and take it to a antique valuer.

At Sworders fine art auctioneers in Essex, expert Yexue Li immediately knew she was looking at a valuable piece. The vase turned out to be an 18th century piece made for the Emperor Qianlong. The colours and inscription confirmed its provenance.

Ms. Li enthused about the piece “it is culturally important and a beautiful work of art”

The auction house put a price of 80,000 pounds ($100k) but a bidding war seen it soar up to 480,000 pounds ($615k)

Asked what he would do with the money the seller said he would put it away to give his daughter a happy life.

The one of a kind vase is in the colours of the Emperor, a bold yellow with rose accents. The yellow is a shade designed just for the Emperor who died in 1799. There are two quotes inscribed on it. One is an imperial poem that exalts incense, the other reads “be precise, be undivided”

Li knew that the vase was commissioned for the court, as it has a symbol that indicates it was not meant for export.

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