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Rare Chinese Teapot Uncovered in Attic Sells for £390,000

A rare Chinese teapot worth £390,000 was discovered in an attic after sitting collecting dust for 50 years. The antique, believed to have been brought back from Japan in the 1940s by the owner’s grandfather, was almost given away to charity before the owner decided to take it to the experts on Bargain Hunt.

The owner initially thought the teapot was just old junk and put it in a carrier bag. But, in a stroke of luck, they decided to have it appraised on the popular TV show Bargain Hunt. It was there that auctioneer Charles Hanson identified the item as an imperial piece of enamel on copper, used by the court of Emperor Qianlong in the 18th Century. Only three others are known to exist in the world.

Presenter Natasha Raskin Sharp asked if the teapot had immediately caught Charles’ eye. He claimed he thought the teapot wouldn’t rake in more than £150 at first, but after some research discovered it could go under the hammer for up to £40,000.

The teapot went up for auction in Derbyshire, where it eventually sold for the remarkable sum of £390,000. Charles Hanson said, “When the gavel fell, I felt relief. And all of my team and staff gave me a huge round of applause and I said, ‘thank you, guys, we made a memory’.”

This story is part of a growing trend of people uncovering treasure hoarded by elderly relatives in their homes. In one case, a small jade box bought for just £8 in 1934 by a Dorset farmhouse seller’s grandmother was discovered to be worth £60,000. Another woman found a rare hidden treasure in her mum’s socks – antique items hidden away from relatives and carers who had no idea they existed until the owner passed away last October aged 90.

It just goes to show that one person’s junk can be another person’s treasure. Many people may have valuable items tucked away in their attics or cupboards, and it’s worth having them appraised by experts to see if they could be worth a fortune.

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