Recent Trip To Jingdezhen

I have not long been back from a trip to China, I traveled all over China for a few months and have to say the place and the people were amazing. The people were so hospitable and helpful and the cities so impressive, exciting and welcoming. The country on a whole is astonishing, breathtaking & stunning.

I decided to travel to Jingdezhen again, the porcelain capital of the world where I got to see a lot more stuff this time around than on previous visits including a fully operational dragon kiln in action as well as witnessing porcelain production from mining kaolin in the surrounding hills to handling pieces fresh out the kiln.

Had to laugh when I learned that for many producers their biggest customers were western auction houses who regularly order large shipments with strict instructions to make the pieces look old… No wonder so many western provincial auction house are building big new modern auction gallery’s.



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