Ru Ware Bowl – The Percival David Collection

Ru Ware Bowl – The Percival David Collection

With rounded sides and everted lip and slightly splayed base rim. The glaze is thick, opaque and covered with a feint irregular crackle. The colour of the glaze is pale lavender and under a strong glass or light appears to be full of tiny bubbles. The foot and base are glazed. On the base are five oval spur marks. The rim is bound with a copper band.

Marks & Inscriptions:
Imperial inscription dated AD 1786 is located on the inside of the bowl. It is a stanza of eight seven-character lines, composed by the Emperor Qianlong (1736-95) in the cyclical year Bing Wu and inscribed by Imperial Order.

Height: 7 cm
 12th century
Dynasty: Northern Song

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