Selling Chinese Antiques? Sell Auction Dealers Buyers

Are you looking to sell a Chinese antique to a dealer, or to offer a piece through an online or off line auction? 

Whether its a vase, a piece of jade, a bronze, a dish or whatever you’re selling it makes perfect sense to get the item checked out first. Chinese antiques have shot up in value over the last ten years and will only climb higher over the coming years.

The last thing you want is to under sell your piece. If you do not know what your selling then this can be extremely costly for you, especially when to the untrained eye many Chinese antiques can look plain and worthless. It’s usually the plain and simple pieces that are the most valuable.

I am always looking to buy quality pieces of Chinese porcelain & Chinese works of art.

A gallery of recent Chinese antiques I have bought via this website. (Send pics of any items you have for sale to