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I am looking to buy big collections of Chinese antiques or single good genuine items. I can travel anywhere to view Chinese antique collections and once a price is agreed can pay quickly.

Furthermore, I guarantee I will pay more for your Chinese antiques than any other antique dealer and beat any auctioneers estimate.

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Why you should NOT Consign your Chinese antiques to the big auction houses.

Unless your name is Lord or Lady blah blah then it’s going to be an up hill struggle to get your genuine Chinese antique items into the big auction houses, unless you have a cast iron paper trail (provenance) for the piece or pieces you are trying to consign.

If you email photographs to any of the big auction houses you will wait weeks for a reply, and then more than likely your item will be rejected even if it is genuine without explanation, thus leaving you thinking your item must be fake.

If you take your item into the auction house in person you will be told to wait for an expert to come and see you, after waiting around you will be shown into a small room whereupon a specialist in dishing out oral dissinformation will look at your item and one or two things will happen.

1) The “Expert ;-(” in most cases is not an expert but rather a university graduate who has no experience or a junior within the department who has read a few books. They are employed not because of their knowledge but due to the fact they are connected in some way or another through the old school tie network. They do not possess the knowledge to confidently inform you if your item is genuine or not, but in most cases you will be told your item is not suitable for inclusion in their sales. I have heard many tales of valuable items being turned down which were later sold elsewhere for large sums, people have also lost huge amounts of money when they have sold pieces for pennies because their items were wrongly described as fakes by the “Experts ;-(”.

2) When the big auctions are absolutely desperate for pieces to fill out their catalogues the “Experts ;-(” are instructed to PROVISIONALLY accept everything coming through the door and give the items good pre-auction estimates in order to get consigners to leave the item with the sale room. The auction house will blanket accept everything oriental shown to them until they fill a room up with potential pieces, once the room is full, several respected dealers are called in to then vet the items, if your piece is a little unusual and not 100% obvious or typical of its type the dealers are instructed to reject it, you will then be informed by letter or email to come back to the auction house and collect your item/s as after a second inspection they have deemed your item not suitable for inclusion in their sale.

The big auction houses have access to the biggest buyers of Chinese antiques in the world, and they have to safeguard their reputations and buyers at all costs. The fakes being produced are so good they dare not risk taking in anything with slight suspicion, instead they spend the majority of their time trying to convince past buyers, reputable dealers and collectors to consign their pieces as they know these pieces will have a good provenance and guaranteed genuine, thus safe to sell to their wealthy Chinese buyers.

Don’t believe me? Go and try to consign a piece, I guarantee you will experience one of the scenarios I have outlined above.

My advice to the upset invididuals that email me on a regular basis regarding this very topic.  Remember – It’s just a game and these are the rules, so do not get angry or take it personal. I see where the auction house is coming from and for the most part totally agree with and understand their practices.

Why you should NOT Consign to sell your Chinese antiques through the smaller provincial auction houses.

Consigning Chinese antiques to sell at the smaller auction houses is 100% absolute financial suicide. The auctioneer will tell you anything and everything to convince you to sell your Chinese antiques through their auction house. They have NOT got a clue what they are looking at, they will tell you they are achieving record prices for Chinese antiques and can market your item to a worldwide audience, but they fail to tell you their record-breaking prices are due to plants of high-end fakes and in most cases go unpaid for, they will also fail to tell you their auctions are regularly and knowingly filled with Chinese antique fakes and because of this your genuine items are buried under a sea of fakes and end up selling for a fraction of their true value.

I personally love the smaller provincial auction houses, I have had some of my best buys from these auction houses due to the exact reasons given above.

Selling Chinese Antiques On eBay – Reasons NOT to sell on eBay.

The people most likely to buy your Chinese antiques on eBay will be mainland Chinese buyers, sending parcels to China is fraught with mishaps and hassles and can leave you seriously out of pocket. Over the years I have come across the following scenarios.

1) Your item arrives in China and the buyer makes a claim against you for a refund using the excuse your item arrived damaged, in reality your item did not arrive damaged but is swapped for a damaged piece the buyer already had in his collection. eBay always sides with the buyer, so you have to refund the buyer and take back the damaged piece no matter how much you try to fight it.

2) The buyer wins your item and simply does not pay for it, leaving you the hassle of re-claiming your eBay selling fees and relisting the item, it’s very common for Chinese antiques not to be paid for, the main reason for this is the hope you relist the item which will cause the original under bidders to think there is something wrong with the item due to it be being relisted, then the original buyer will buy your Chinese antique for a lower price using a different account.

3) It takes a couple of weeks on average for a parcel to reach China and a buyer can open a claim against you many weeks after they have received your parcel, giving the buyer more than enough time to copy your piece then claim your genuine piece is a modern copy and open a case against you for a refund. I have personally witnessed potters in Jingdezhen make a vase from scratch in 2 to 3 days including ageing the piece.

I am not making any of this up, I know people and have heard first hand from sellers where the above scenarios have played out.

A gallery of recent Chinese antiques I have bought and sold via this website.

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