Someone Just Got The Buy Of A Lifetime


Hard to judge without holding the piece but if its period then someone just got the buy of their life.

Described as a superb Chinese 18th Century blue and white Tianqiuping porcelain vase. It was sold by Ma San Asian art specialists based in Bath, UK for £20,000

The vase was decorated with the Imperial dragon chasing a pearl and carried the six-character mark of Qianlong, the emperor who ruled China between 1735 and 1796. It was just over 18 inches in height.

It is claimed the vase once belonged too Charles Coull of Dundee. Coull was a promising footballer with Lochee United and East Craigie. Wanting a change in career he found himself in Hong Kong, where he joined the Hong Kong Police.

The vase was presented to Coull by a local shopkeeper for his bravery in preventing a theft from a shop. Coull gave the vase to the chief of police as he felt he could not accept such a gift for doing his duty.

Hospitalised with TB in 1942, he survived the war and afterwards spent time recuperating in Australia. Prior to leaving Hong Kong, the police chief returned the vase. Apparently, Coull was so anxious about its safety he wrapped it in his clothes to protect it until he reached Australia.

He arrived back in the UK in 1946. Sadly, he died from TB the following year.

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