Sworders Asian Art – 5th of Nov 2021

As I mentioned earlier prices seems very strong across the board for both high end and low end items. Sworders always manage to come up with good items. Surprise of the sale for many was the bronze censer shown below which sold for £50,000.

A Chinese blue and white brush pot.

Kangxi (1662-1722), of cylindrical form, the exterior finely inscribed with the text of the Shengzhu de Xianchen Song (Ode to the Finding of Virtuous Officials by the Divine Ruler) in kaishu script, finished with a seal mark reading Xi Chao Chuan Gu (Transmitting Antiquity from the Court of Kangxi), the base centred with a recessed circle enclosing a six-character Kangxi mark in underglaze blue,

18.2cm diameter

Sold for £125,000

A Chinese doucai vase

Qing dynasty (1644-1911), of baluster form, painted with dragons among waves and clouds, between scrolling lotus and petal lappet borders, six-character Qianlong mark. (Cut down)

46.5cm high

Sold for £80,000

A Chinese bronze incense burner

Of tapering form rising from a circular foot with lotus petals, the rim with petal lappets.

17cm diameter

Sold for £50,000

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