Three Brothers Dig Up Family Tomb And Find Imperial Treasures.

Three brothers with the surname Zhang live in a small village in Shanxi, they were tasked with moving a family tomb after they were told a motorway will be built on the land.

The three brothers decided to relocate the tomb but first had to dig it out, after many days digging they finally reached the tomb. They had no idea the tomb was so big as it had been buried a long time.

They also had no idea the tomb was filled with precious antiques including porcelain, bronzes and jewels.

Furthermore, they never realized their ancestors were so wealthy, in the tomb they also found a robe for a high ranking Qing dynasty official, proving their ancestors were very important officials during the Qing dynasty.

The three brothers removed all the treasures to safety while deciding what to do with them. The law in China states and relics dug out of the ground belong to cultural relics department and must be handed over as such, but the brothers are arguing the relics belong to their ancestors so by rights belong to them as natural inheritance.

Both sides are still arguing, and the situation has yet to be resolved.

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