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Unexpected Treasure: 18th-Century Chinese Vases Found in Attic Fetch Over $300,000 at Auction

A pair of 18th-century Chinese porcelain vases discovered in an attic sold for a staggering £260,000 (approximately $327,000) at a Nesbits auction. The vases, initially misidentified as modern replicas and valued at a mere £100 ($125), were found by a man in his late 30s while cleaning out his mother’s house in Portsmouth, U.K., as reported by the Daily Mail.

The vases, under 10 inches tall, are adorned with images of bats and peaches, symbols of wealth, virtue, health, happiness, and longevity in Chinese culture.

Authenticating the vases proved challenging. Although they bore the six-character mark of Emperor Qianlong, such marks are often found on forgeries. Local experts initially deemed them modern copies due to their pristine condition. However, after photos of the vases were shared online, their authenticity and Qianlong-era origin were confirmed, leading to a surge in interest.

The vases were eventually sold to a Chinese buyer for $327,000 after 20 minutes of bidding, vastly exceeding their initial valuation. The fortunate finder, who had been contemplating skipping a holiday due to renovation expenses, can now afford multiple vacations, thanks to this unexpected windfall.

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