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Valuable Rare Banknote Found In Ming Dynasty Head

Valuable Rare Banknote Found In Ming Dynasty HeadIn most family households the husband hands over his money to his wife to run the house and family. But in ancient China some guy decided to hide his money where his wife would never think to look.

600 years later his hidden money has been found, found in the crevice of an antique carved wooden head. The head was on view at an auction in China when an unsuspecting potential buyer notice something silver from a small crevice on the underside of the Ming dynasty head. After further investigation it was discovered that the shiny silver item was in fact a silver bank note worth the equivalent in its day of 28 kilograms of pure silver. The note had been folded into a 2.5cm square and pushed into an old crack on the underside of the head.

The kicker being that the head had passed through the hands of several antique dealers of which none noticed the crevice containing the valuable hidden silver bank note.

The silver note is of great historical value. When the carved head was officially auctioned, the price of the head increased a lot due to the silver note discovery.

Valuable Rare Banknote Found In Ming Dynasty Head

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