Wonderful Pair Of Yongzheng Doucai Dragon Bowls Sell For £34,000 In Edinburgh


A wonderful pair of Yongzheng mark & period conical dragon bowls (Minus their lids with a £200 – £300 estimate) sell for £34k at Shapes auction in Edinburgh today 06/07/2013. I viewed this sale 2 days ago, most of the Chinese items on offer were bad quality reproductions although there was a Tongzhi mark & period yellow ground bats dish but too low value for me.

The pair of Yongzheng conical bowls were extensively damaged with one bowl having a huge piece broken off and stapled back & the other bowl had a large hairline and chips. I knew these bowls were rare and really wanted them, but how much does the damage affect them at the end of the day? I could have had them professionally restored but with the body being so thin the restoration would have been easily spotted. Looking back I still think the bowls were cheap at £34k & no doubt I will be kicking myself over the next few months, in perfect condition they would fetch a huge amount of money, thinking about it now even damaged I still think they would sell for a lot more than they went for. They were sold to the Internet so probably a buyer in mainland China.

No doubt we will be seeing these bowls turn up in Christies or Sothebys Honk Kong in the coming months……

p.s. They were much better in the flesh, the photos do not do them justice.


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