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Yuan Dynasty painting sold for 101m yuan at auction


A panoramic painting scroll by imperial artist Wang Zhenpeng of the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) fetched 101.2 million yuan ($16 million) on Tuesday at Poly International Auction’s autumn sales in Beijing.

The ink-and-water painting from the Ullens’ collection gives meticulous details of various life scenes, including entertainment and business activities and a wedding, along the Oujiang River in Zhejiang province.

The painting, which has a length of 9.5 meters, shows 1,607 people, 494 buildings, 68 ships and boats, and nearly 200 animals.

Zhao Xu, Poly auction’s executive director, said the sale is a sign of the market confidence in ancient Chinese painting and calligraphy, and also shows that collectors of this category have become quite mature.

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